Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Holding Steady

Addison is holding steady as they wean her oxygen and oscillator to prepare for surgery. We were told that the surgery is scheduled for this Thursday if everything remains the same.

I was able to help change her diaper, take her temperature and hold her hand yesterday. It is so amazing getting to touch her. I can honestly say that I have never been so excited to change a dirty diaper. I guess that I will never take even the smallest thing for granted with her.

Also, I completely forgot to mention that Jason and i have moved into the Family House (1234 10th Street, San Francisco, CA 94122) and will be here until Addison is released. This is the most amazing place. We are so happy to have somewhere to call home!

Monday, February 23, 2009


It seems like the days and night have just run together. Jason and I have been spending so much time with her and fall in love more everyday!
Addison had a good day yesterday which means that I do not have a lot to say other than she is holding steady while they slowly wean her oxygen and oscillator. She amazes me at how someone so small can be such a fighter with a strong heart.

She has gotten really swollen since birth, so they gave her Lasic to help with the fluid retention. I am hoping today we can get pictures of her where she does not look so puffy.
We actually got a few pictures of her yesterday. I can really see Jason in her. She is like a little mini-daddy. I guess it is a good thing that my husband is handsome.
Also, I wanted to thank our church , RUMC, for the beautiful prayer quilt. I cannot wait until I can wrap Addison in all of your love and prayers.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Addison is doing pretty well. for the past few days, she is holding steady. At times, they are able to wean hr oxygen down to the 70's and the oscillating vent down to 28, but then she will have an episode and end up back where we started. I feel like it is three steps forward and then four steps back. I know that it is just part of the roller coaster and I am thankful for any and every bit of movement in the right direction. We just really want to get her dependency on the machines weaned a little bit since when she has some of her episodes, they have to use all the support available with the oscillating vent to get her stabilized and if she were not to respond, the next step is ECMO.

They say that she is not stable enough for surgery right now since even changing her diaper can put her into an episode and cause her stats to drop.

I actually got to hold her hand last night. She had a really good day and her stats had been stable for a while, so they told me that it was OK to touch her. When I held her hand, I swear my heart grew three times bigger. She is so strong and has been through so much and I love her so much for that.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day Three

Today has been pretty uneventful. Her oxygen saturation has remained in the 90's and her CO2 has remained between 40-60%. Her stats still drop when they suction her and change her diaper, but not dropping as far or remaining low for long. They have been able to wean her oxygen to 75% and the oscillating vent down with her stats remaining strong.

One time when Jason and I were visiting Addison, she opened her eyes for one second. She has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Day Two

Addison was pretty unstable yesterday. They performed a chest X-ray, suctioned her, and gave her a breathing treatment and her stats dropped dramatically. She was completely unresponsive to the oscillating vent and oxygen for about two hours. We were given the talk about ECMO and the doctors were in the process of completing the paperwork and preparing the team to put her on ECMO when she just recovered on her own. They told us that if her oxygen saturation stayed higher than 85% through the night that we would avoid ECMO for now.

Jason and I prayed a lot and God answered our prayers.... Her stats went up to the mid to high 90s and remained there all through out the night, so Addison fought off ECMO for now!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pictures of the Princess

Jason and I went to go and see Addison this afternoon and decorate her home. We took pictures of Mommy, Daddy, and her brothers (Bear and Bailey) as well as Ali the alligator to keep her company when we were not there. We were also able to snap a few pictures.

Addison is here

I noticed a leak in my AF on Monday, February 16th ao we went to UCSF and they induced that afternoon at 4:00 pm. Addison finally arrived via c-section at 10:45 pm on February 17th after being in labor for about 20 hours.

Addison is doing pretty well. She is on the occilating vent and her oxygen levels are staying in the 80s. When we get some pictures, I will post them to the blog.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prayer Quilt

Our church RUMC has has been so loving and caring during this time in our lives. They have become our family in Atlanta as well as our strength to get through the tough days. The Prayer Quilt Ministry loving made a quilt for Addison, and they are putting on the alter this morning for everyone to fill with love a prayers. They are going to ship it to us in San Francisco, so we can wrap Addison in the love of our church and God.

I want to thank everyone at the church for being there for us and for the many prayers. I was telling Jason that all the prayers stopped my labor on Friday night. Please keep them coming.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Update - UCSF

The day shift came on at UCSF and decided to check me, and since there was no change or progression, they let me go home! We are now back at the apartment and very happy to be here. They told us that if there is any change to head back. Please pray that we can keep little Addison in for another 14 days.


Jason and I went for antenatal testing yesterday and I was having contraction and had dilated to 3 cm. They sent us over to labor and delivery at UCSF Medical Center. I labored all night and progressed to 4 cm/80% effaced, but now the contractions have become less strong and frequent and I have not dilated any more.

We were told that we will be here until Addison decides to make her entrance due to the high AFL and her having CDH, so we will keep everyone informed. We are hoping that we can keep her at bay for a little while longer.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UCSF Appointments

Yesterday, we had a busy afternoon. We met with the social worker and Neonatologist, toured labor and delivery, toured the NICU, had antenatal testing, and had an OB appointment. It was nice to talk to the Neonatologist and discuss Addison's immediate and long term care plan. When we toured the NICU, we were able to meet a family whose little girl is also being treated for CDH.

Addison did great during antenatal testing. She was a little sleepy at the beginning, but they gave me some chocolate and she got very active.

The OB checked my cervix and I am now dilated to 2 cm, but it seems that my contractions are under control with the medication. He set an induction date of March 4, 2009 assuming she does not decide to come earlier.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Update - SFO

We made it to San Francisco!!! We went to doctor's appointment (OB Consult, Sonogram, and Antenatal testing) yesterday afternoon after we arrived and found out that little Addison is approximately 6lbs 3oz. They also told us that her head is really large (like daddy) so they did not do another LHR because it would be really skewed.

When we met with the OB, we were told that I have several factors that can lead to preterm labor ... High AFL, Shortening Cervix, and Uterine inflammation. During antenatal testing, I was having mild contractions. They are concerned, and we were told that if she decides to come early that they would not stop labor. As far as Addison, she did very well during her first antenatal testing. She was active and responsive.

Jason and I are settled into our apartment on Sutter. It is actually nice and it is our home for the next two weeks. We are hoping that we can get into the Family House after that which would be nice since it is very close to UCSF Medical Center.

We have another round of appointments on Monday afternoon. We tour the NICU, meet the surgeons, have antenatal testing, and go the the OB to be checked. The doctor let us know that he is going to schedule an induction date after he checks me on Monday, so we will know exactly when the little one will be here unless she decides to make an early entrance.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Last night around 11 pm, I began to have contractions every 15 mins. We call ed Dr. S and he told us to come to Piedmont Hospital to be checked. When I got there I was 1 1/2 cm dilated and having contractions every 10-15 mins. They put me on some medication to stop the contractions and monitored me through out the night.

This morning the contractions had subsided, and they sent me home on bed rest and medication. I have also talked to UCSF, and Jason and I are flying out to SF on Friday morning and have an appointment at UCSF that afternoon.

My mom and dad have come to Atlanta to babysit me and help Jason and I get ready to go to SF.

Monday, February 2, 2009

34 Weeks

I went to the doctor today. I was told that my cervix is shortening and was put on complete bed rest and medication to stop any contractions. I was also told that Jason and I need to get out to California in case she decides to make an early entrance into the world.

Addison looks great. She is 5.5 lbs and looks really good. She is growing and practice breathing and moving around a lot. Right now, we are just waiting for the doctors from UCSF to talk with Dr. P here in Atlanta and let us know what the next steps are in regards to our travel out to SF. I will keep everyone posted.