Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Addison!

Today is the three month anniversary of Addison's birth. Her birthday was one of the most exciting and joyous days of my life. My little girl opened my eyes to another world, and I thank God for lending her to us everyday. Even though her life on this earth was very short, part of her still lives in Jason and I. I can honestly tell you that during the last three months opportunities have appeared to us that I did not think possible as well as the growth of our family through people who were perfect strangers just a mere few months ago.

I have decided to make my goal to celebrate each passing birthday with all the good that I was able to experience through Addison. I know that I will never stop missing her, but I want her presence in my heart not ache but to give me comfort and a drive to be the better person that she would have been.

The only thing that I have to say is: "Thank you God for giving me the post precious gift in the world and take good care of my baby girl!" I know that one day I will get to hold her again and that time it will be for eternity!

Addison....Know mommy and daddy love you very much and miss you terribly, but be a good girl in Heaven, and we will be there to see you one day, but in the mean time, you keep looking over both of us and continue to send your love and wisdom our way! We really need you at times!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Susan G. Komen 5K

Tracy and I did the 5k last saturday in honor of her mom. I had a great time and plan on doing again next year!

Friday, May 8, 2009


It has been a while since I posted and wanted to give everyone and update. Jason and I are doing pretty good. I have decided to run/walk a half marathon on October 31st and started training this week. I had no idea how out of shape I am, but you have to start somewhere. I am going to do the Susan G. Kolmen 5K this weekend in honor of my friend Tracy's mom.

Jason has decided to pursue his passion of photography ( Addison inspired him in 22 days to do something that I have told him to pursue for years.

I am also keeping myself busy planning fundraisers for The Parker Reese Foundation in Atlanta. I am working on a picture party (Thanks to the Hoffmans), a wine tasting (CDH Uncorked), and a Fun Run in memory of Addison. I hope to have the picture event this summer and the run in February or March of 2010, and the wine tasting is planned for November 14, 2009. I have also sent the CDh Day of Prayer information to my church, RUMC, and to many churches in my hometown (Thanks to my mom). I have never found anything that I am so passionate about as helping other CDH families and Parker Reese is an amazing foundation and I thank God everyday that Jes is letting me help out.

I miss my little angel everyday, but know that God is using this to inspire me to make a difference. My baby girl touched more lives in 22 days than some people do in a lifetime and I know she is the reason that I have been lead down this path and she will touch lives every time I raise awareness or money for CDH. I had bracelets made in her memory and have been handing them out and telling her story. I just hope that everyone who receives the braclets tells at least one person about CDH and that person tells one person and so on. I hope one day in the near future that everyone will be aware of CDH and will have the drive to eliminate or contain this birth defect.

I also want to wish all CDH moms a very Happy Mother's Day! If you are blessed with a survivor, hold on to them tight this weekend, and if your little one is an angel, know that they are all looking down upon us and sending love through the small everyday miracles. We just need to stop long enough to see the beauty that is around us and see our angel's faces in the rainbows, flowers, etc. They have never left us; they are here in our hearts and in all the wonderful things that Gods has to offer in the world.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sponsor a Night at Parker's House

I am working with the Parker Reese Foundation to raise money for CDH. We are currently selling t-shirts. Imagine caring for an entire family by simply buying and wearing a t-shirt. That’s what “Sponsor a Night” is all about. Purchase your $16 t-shirt today and wear it to show your support for the families staying at Parker’s House. Each $16 purchase sponsors one night with a family that calls the House, “home.”

If you are interested please email me at for more information and/or an order form.