Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

I want to wish you a very happy birthday sweet angel.  It is hard to believe that a year has passed since you entered so briefly into my life.  I can still remember the fear and excitement that I felt awaiting your arrival.  I will always remember the first time I laid eyes on the most perfectly made little girl.  God truley let one of angels enter to earth of ra little while.  You had big plans for mommy and daddy.  You made us realize what is truely important in life and that no matter how bad things can possibly get God is there for you.  You made both both mommy and daddy much stronger and better people. 

I will always remember February 17th as the best day of my life when I received the most amazing gift that can be given.....I became a mom!!  My little angel....I want you to have the most amazing birthday in Heaven with your other angel friends and make sure to tell your Great Grand parents and your cousins to give you lots of love from mommy and daddy. 


proudmom said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Angel Addison. Your memory is forever in my heart. I am just a stranger to all of you, but your courage and strength have inspired me. you have also made me aware of this horrible birth defect, and because of you I can raise awareness.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday sweet one.

Kim in Iowa.

Jennifer Tenney said...

Happy Birthday Addison! I too am a stranger but you are so special that your mommy made me a beautiful cross in your honor. It sits on display in my house in Florida where I show it often to my own CDH baby and we think of you and your family. Thinking of your mommy and daddy.
Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008

Liz and Shane said...

Happy Birthday Addison! I will always remember you in my heart and memories. I was very honored to have met you. You are the most beaufiful baby. Your mommy and daddy miss you so much. Please send them kisses and come visit them in their dreams.
We miss you

Stephanie said...

Beautifully said. Happy Birthday to Addison!!!