Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Living One Year with CDH

It was one year ago today that Addison was diagnosed with CDH during our 19 week ultrasound. I remember that day like it was moments ago. At that time, I had no idea what God had instore for me. I have never been so afraid and panicked at the same time. I can honestly tell you that the last year has not brought me the things that I hoped and prayed for that day and the many days that followed, but I guess God had other plans for me. Through CDH and my daughter, I have found the following:

1. Who I really am and who I want to be
2. Many of my best friends
3. What true strength looks like
4. That God's love cannot be measured and is always with you no matter how bad it gets
5. God has plans for our lives that we cannot even imagine; we just have to open our hearts and minds to his plans and our lives will be better than ever imagined.
6. Being a mom is the greatest feeling in the world and a daughter's love is indescribable.

Many thanks to all of you who have lended your hearts, souls and kind words to me during the last year. I can never tell you how much it has all meant to Jason and I. It is sad that many time you have to go through a tragedy that you truly see God's love.


Chelsea and Robert Serna said...

That is so true...I think we're starting to realize some of those things as well. We'll keep you in our prayers.

Maxton's Mommy said...

I feel the same way. For whatever reason God gave me Maxton to change my life. Sometimes that feels so hurtful, but I continue to be VERY grateful. God certainly gave me many things I hadnt prayed for... but I still feel blessed. Our one year was on Sat with it technically being diagnosed a year ago yesterday. This past year has been crazy! Thinking of you guys!

Julie Purdie said...

I think of you often and admire your strength! Lets get together soon.

Beth said...

I feel the same, Marion. Us cdh angel parents are what strength should be defined as in the dictionary! With such a tragedy, we learn to truly find ourselves. We learn to be better people and find ways to honor our babies always. I think of you often, Marion. I wish you peace.

Alicia said...

I can't avoid getting teary when I read your posts. You are such an inspiration to many. I don't think you realize that enough. I'm glad you have found so much peace in your journey. It is amazing. You are truly a blessing and God will always be by your side.

Carla's mom and Joseph's grandma